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    Presenting effective conversations.  It requires two people talking to each other.  When we talk to someone, we receive much of their response silently through visual communications by their movements and facial expressions.  In television by combining pictures of each person in the single video picture, the television viewer will not only see the person talking, but also the listener's response.  You see all the communication from the speaker to the visual response of their communication partner.  By seeing the full visual and sound communication, content is better understood and retention of the subject matter is greatly increased by the viewer.  In the television business, we call this window creation Picture-In-Picture or PiP.  Learn more at:  Case Study New Video clip



Multi-Camera Location Case Study  

TriCaster 460 Case Study

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About Jim

A Must SEE!!!     Jim Powell has spent more than 35 years in the communications business gaining experience in radio, broadcast television and corporate television including work as an operations, manager, producer, engineer, project manager, videographer, on-air talent, and programmer.  

   A member of Society of Broadcast Engineers and a Certified Video Engineer in addition to being a Life Member and Board Member of The Media Communications Association-International, Jim  is also a licensed FCC 1st Class Radiotelephone Broadcast Engineer with Radar (FCC GROL).

   Today, he is an independent contractor providing production and technical support for recorded and live television production.  He also lectures and teaches fundamentals of electronic presentation and related technology and has taught and shared production and communications business knowledge in lectures and seminars at the MCA-I International Conference, InfoCOMM and many MCA-I Chapters.  

8 Cam TV Setup

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    He also continues to provide voice-over narrations for corporate and advertising customers.  For more VO information, select Voice-Over or above.

   After spending almost 2 decades in radio and television broadcasting, Jim became an independent talent, videographer and producer winning The Silver TELLY Award, Cindy, Videographer Award, AiME Award and The Communicator's Award for work in documentary and business productions.





     The heart of our production system is the HD TriCaster 460.
  Made by NewTek, the TriCaster 460 is a remarkable production engine with 16 channels of switching power including cameras, video clip play, network input and multiple graphic displays including lower thirds.  Presentations such as Power Point or PDFs are easily included within the video stream making presentations powerful communications and all with pristine HD outputs.   Internet Encoding can be performed internally or sent to external encoders.
  One of the great advantages of the TriCaster 460 is it's capabilities for quick Picture in Picture presenations.  From 2 person conversations to graphical presentations, it has tremendous power with 4 M/Es, 2 DSKs and multiple buffers.
  I've created a new case study webpage on it's first production with us.  I invite you to view it at:
Multi-Camera Live-On-Location Service   Conference and Committee Meeting Video Production       Powell Communications now offers turn-key multi-camera produced recording, projection and live Internet broadcast from conference facility locations in the continental United States.  With up to 8 cameras including 4 robotics which reduces required floor space and stage clutter, 24 professional conference style gooseneck microphones, full sound support, in-venue screen projection and more, the service is designed to offer immediate broadcast communications, plus archive recording of your conference information.  We can also incorporate your video, Power Point presentations and other media directly into the video program.   All equipment is now in-house which reduces your cost.  Travel to anywhere in the continental United States. Projects are custom bid. 

For more information, we invite you to go to:  Powell Communications AV

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Jim and ICC    On-Location Technical Support

Children of the Storm

    On location in Baltimore, Dallas, Charlotte, Chicago, Palm Springs, Rochester, Minneapolis,

"Hurricane Katrina:

 Memphis, Reno, Atlantic City and other cities with multiple weeks for each location, Jim's expertise  

Through the Eyes of Children Survivors"

as an operations video engineer and operator has helped the International Code Council record,


present and web-cast hearings worldwide.  

TELLY's Top Award

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Broadcast Documentary Category

See the ICC production at:     ICC Hearings     ICC Atlantic City    ICC ES Case Study

Watch it on YouTube   More Info



            New to Jim's Equipment Inventory
   Just added.  A new JVC GY-HM600U HD video camera.  Used by networks and many broadcast stations, this versatile camera records on 2 SD cards either individually or both at the same time in multiple formats.  Formats including MPEG2, H.264, and AVCHD with simultaneous SDI/HDMI outputs.  Terrific images for either for live broadcast, Internet broadcasting and HD recording.




          Jim has also added TriCaster location television production products with live switching and


graphics including lower thirds, web-casting and recording.  This is in addition to Jim's 4 live
operated cameras, sound reinforcement and peripheral equipment needed for venue production
for live presentation to screens, recording and web-casting with turn-key AV support.  A 6000 lumens


Hitachi CP-X8160 Rear and Front Screen projector now provides powerful screen images.
In addition to his lengthy experience in AV production, Jim has well over 800 hours
  of live experience working with the TriCaster Studio and 855 as a technical director

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and live graphics control operator. 





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