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Newly added.  NewTek TriCaster 460


Below is a brief study of an ICC-ES meeting using the Powell Communications' AV live operating system designed for video, audio support and projection.







     ICC-ES (Evaluation Services) is the industry leader in performing technical evaluations for building code compliance, providing regulators and construction professionals with clear evidence that products comply with codes and standards.
     Three times a year, ICC-ES holds meetings to allow presenters to comment on new criteria used for this compliance
     The meetings are televised live via the Internet, recorded for legal documentation and projected in the venue for audience viewing.


AV Control

     Video switching with a TriCaster and robotic camera remote control takes place at the rear of the room.  Note the 9 by 12 rear projected screen.  This is projected by a Hitachi 6000 lumens projector as shown below.

     Operation is made by a 3 person team:  technical director controlling the TriCaster, robotics control engineer, and audio engineer

     Also controlled from this position are Internet encoding plus graphics and other signals from remote computers such as use of the presenter's Power Point.  Prepared video programs, lower thirds and full screen graphics are also available from the TriCaster position.


Hitachi CP-X8160 6000 Lumens Projector

     This high performance projector is set for rear projection to a 9' by 12' screen
     Light Output is 6000 ANSI lumens in normal mode
     XGA resolution is 1024 x 768 with full adjustable lens tilt and keystone operation


Confidence Monitoring

     Committee members, the staff and the presenter can easily see the video program including their Power Point or other graphics on (4) Magnavox 29" LED television monitors.
    Confidence audio monitoring is accomplished with (2) 2 speaker external MS16 systems.  Audio levels can be controlled individually from the Yamaha audio mixer (below)
     The timer is used to promote concise testimony.


Yamaha MGP32X Audio Mixer

     The Yamaha 32 channel audio mixer performs with an analogue feel with digital circuitry.  Our audio engineer is able to control the multiple microphones with the feel of an analog board, but with the almost exponential potential of digital circuitry including equalization, effects, delays and more.
     With 24 mic inputs and 4 stereo line level inputs, the MGP32X outputs also provide for 6 Auxiliary, 4 Group, 2 Matrix (stereo) and main mono output.  With the ICC-ES requirements, almost all outputs are used including audio for audience sound reinforcement, 2 confidence monitor signals, audio MP3 recording, digital hard drive recording, TriCaster audio input, DVD recorders, audio DA and more.
     Individual microphone phantom power availability is made for each Shure Gooseneck Microphone (see below).  Microphones not needing phantom power will not risk damage due to a mixer which provides only across the board phantom power.
     In the audio chain between the mixer and the speakers is a feedback suppression unit to reduce feedback.


Shure Gooseneck Microphone

     24 Shure Gooseneck MX418D/C condenser microphones are placed with one at each participant's location including the chairman, each committee member, staff and presenter.  Each microphone has a push on/push off LED switch.  If needed, the microphones can also be modified for push-to-talk selection only
    These microphones are high quality condensers with one-piece adjustable gooseneck stands.  In addition, to the camera's view, the microphone reduces the amount of visual image causing blockage of the speaking participant.  Plus this system is one piece including a 10 foot XLR cable which reduces clutter and potential RF interference.
    Also, 1 Shure SM58 is mounted on a floor stand for a participant option.


Alto Professional TS112 800 Watt Speaker

     Audience sound reinforcement is accomplished with (2) 800 watt each Alto Professional TS112 speakers mounted on individual stands at approximately 6 feet centered. 
    Each speaker is self powered with individual adjustable audio levels.  In this venue, only 2 of these speakers were needed.  More can be added if needed.



     In addition to robotic cameras, a JVC 600 HD camera is used for wide shots of the chairman and the full committee.
     For continuous static and specialty shots including POV, Canon XL1s, GL1 and GoPro cameras are strategically placed inconspicuously near the committee or dais.


     The program is broadcast over the Internet via Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 3.  Individual video and audio signals are fed digitally to the computer for conversion.   The program can be viewed on PC, iPhone, iPad or Android platforms.


     Setup for the entire event including 4 robotic cameras, 3 static cameras, audio mixing with all connections, cabling, Internet encoding function, recording functions, testing and more takes approximately 8 hours.



The Finished Product

     In addition to the large screen projection for the audience, confidence monitoring for the participants and international webcast, we also record the program to hard drive in the MPEG2 format as well as MP3 audio.  DVD recorders make masters of which we can duplicate at the location.  As seen at right, we can duplicate 7 copies from a single master in just minutes.
     All equipment is in-house which reduces cost.

     The above is a brief study of an ICC-ES meeting using the Powell Communications' AV live operating system designed for video, audio support and projection.

     This website is not presented by ICC.  It was built by Jim Powell and is solely for the purpose as a study in multi-camera operation, audio recording and sound reinforcement, and professional video projection.
     All comments are by Jim Powell, an independent contractor.  A licensed FCC Broadcast Engineer, he is a Certified Video Engineer (SBE)


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