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   JPC has just added the TriCaster 460, one of the 3 top production systems by NewTek. Video clip
    Professional grade capabilities are packed into a single turnkey solution designed to deliver maximum impact with a minimal footprint.  (800) 283-7686
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    TriCaster products perform to high expectations.  In addition, all of our team are live production broadcast technicians and engineers which require fail-safes and backups to all functions.  These products support those guidelines.  
    From producing live broadcast streams to creating engaging big-screen productions, the 460 transforms presentations into multi-platform productions reaching more viewers and extending your brand.  

ICC-ES Committee Hearings

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    The NewTek TriCaster 460 is a remarkable production engine with 16 channels of switching power including cameras, video clip play, network input and multiple graphic displays including lower thirds.  Presentations such as Power Point or PDFs are easily included within the video stream making presentations powerful communications and all with pristine HD outputs.   Internet encoding can be performed internally or sent to external encoders.


     The graphic term "lower thirds" identifies that line of graphics at the bottom of the screen which can identify the person talking, subject matter, company logos, date and anything that you decide is important.  


      In this ICC-ES meeting, 2 large screen LED TVs were used for the audience viewing.  Normally, we use a 9 by 12 rear projected screen, but because of space limitations, we chose (2) 55" TVs.  HD signals via HDMI and extenders are sent to each monitor in full 1920 by 1080 resolution. 

    Each attendee is able to easily see close-ups of presenters and committee members, both as individuals or together as they discuss topics between each other.  This greatly improves understanding of material being presented and retention of content.



       Robotic cameras are controlled with multiple presets from the production table to quickly pan and zoom the camera to individuals on the dais.   No camera operators visually interrupt the discussions by simply being close to the meeting.   Plus black drapes reduce the camera tripods visual footprint.

     The robotic operator has all visuals including all cameras plus preview and program to quickly and efficiently control the shots for a broadcast grade production.  Always aware, the operator is able to see all video functions of the program including video players, graphics to be displayed and all camera visuals.  


       Effective conversations.  It requires two people talking to each other.  When we talk to someone, we receive much of their response silently through visual communications by their movements and facial expressions.  In television by combining pictures of each person in the single video picture, the television viewer will not only see the person talking, but also the listener's response.  You see all the communication from the speaker to the visual response of their communication partner.  By seeing the full visual and sound communication, content is better understood and retention of the subject matter is greatly increased.  In the television business, we call this window creation Picture-In-Picture or PiP.



    Another added advantage of PiP is presenting Power Point or PDF within the video picture including the presenter who describes the presentation.  This draws the viewer closer to the subject matter plus adds more effective communications to make your point.  Because the size of the graphic is maintained, there is no degradation of the presentation on the video screen.
   Graphics including pictures and drawings are clearly understood with the presenting person drawing attention to important issues on the graphic.

    How important is this form of communication?  Notice in this picture, the attendee with the laptop.  He's actually watching the Internet Broadcast via his laptop.  He could watch the screen in front of him, but he chooses to view the image on his laptop.  Again, this improves his understanding and retention of the presentation content.

     Want to see more flexibility?  We invite you to go to another event with a large rear projection screen and more of the camera and monitor layout.  Go to:    Case Study LA

     The NewTek TriCaster 460 greatly improves a meeting's reach, branding effectiveness and retention of subject matter.  You can also easily record all of the program on hard drive in HD as well as have DVDs ready for viewing at the end of the meeting.  With this technology, it's easy to have all footage ready for editing for future training and marketing programs.

See the full Audio-Video Meeting system at:     Case Study LA




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