ICC ES (Evaluation Services) Committee Meeting (Panel)
Presented as a case study by  
Jim Powell, CEV
Photos from the most recent ICC Production, Los Angeles ES Committee Meeting, February 2014

  Hearings with professional video including graphics and lower thirds.    

Up to 150 people participate locally in the hearings for ES.   The video is broadcast over 800 servers around the world.

This program was switched and produced with a TriCaster 860 Up to 26 microphones are mixed for the committee and presenters.
     This website is not presented by ICC.  It was built by Jim Powell and is solely for the purpose as a case study in multi-camera operation.
     All comments are by Jim Powell, an independent contractor, who works on the production team for the ICC Electronics Media Department.  A licensed FCC Broadcast Engineer, he is a Certified Video Engineer (SBE)
     The above is presented with permission.   All photos are Copyrighted by the ICC.  Any reproduction is strictly prohibited.

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